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As I like to travel and see the world, I thought a blog would be a good way to share my experiences.

My goal is to see the world and all the small things a little bit different than most others do. So when you see the sad film, I like to see the sad faces of the people watching it. While you have a look at all of the city's sights, I go to see the small shops the city's inhabitants usually go to. Of course, this does not always work - but it is always worth the try.

Since I've grown up in Germany, my English is not perfect at all. But I will do my best to write correctly and understandable

Feel free to comment or write something in the 'Gästebuch' and to make suggestions in order for me to improve the blog.

If ever possible, you will find photos of my trips as well. I definitely love to take photos but some of them might seem like really bad works to you...still, I hope you can enjoy most of them!

Have fun!

20.7.10 22:24

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